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Below is a range of Sustainability initiatives that Hornsby RSL Club has recently undertaken. These initiatives are in accordance with the Club's Sustainability Policy and have been implemented with an acute awareness of our Economic, Social and Environmental responsibilities.

  • Participation in “Eco Clubs”, a collaboration developed by NSW DECCW and ClubsNSW to promote the concept of Sustainability within the Club industry – 2009
  • A member of “Sustainability Advantage” - 2010


  • Installation of four Eco friendly Dyson Air Blade hand dryers – April 2010
  • Introduction of a recycling system for mixed plastic waste containers – May 2010
  • Installation of a new Air Conditioning control system that integrates all units in one piece of software, which in turn gives a more energy efficient control of the Club’s AC system– April 2010- ongoing
  • Systematic replacement of 50w halogen down lights with IRC 35W halogens or LED lights, this will reduce energy consumption - ongoing
  • Scheduled inspections of all toilets, taps, urinals, and other fixtures for leaks or faults - May 2010
  • Systematic replacement of florescent lights in emergency exit signs with cold cathode lights, this will reduce energy consumption – 2010 - ongoing
  • Installation of 30 minute timers on snooker table lights – June 2010
  • Installation of low flow pre wash spray guns in wash-up areas - 2009
  • Introduction of an electronic sign-in system for Club visitors, this reduces the need for paper sign-in books - 2010
  • The Club successfully obtained a grant of $40,000 from the NSW Government Climate Change Fund, (Round 3 - Public Facilities Program). A portion of the funding was used to upgrade existing halogen lights to new more efficient LED lights in the Front Foyer, Rear Foyer and the Club’s Showroom. The remaining funds were used to replace a 20 year old inefficient air conditioning unit that serviced the Hornsby Function Centre with a new efficient air conditioning system – July 2011
  • All Administrative waste paper is shredded and recycled - ongoing
  • Introduction of a battery recycling system – April 2011 ongoing
  • Implementation of the Planet Ark Ink Cartridge recycling system– April 2011 ongoing
  • Steps have been taken to store necessary administrative documents\records in an  electronic state, this will reduce the need to print and store documents – June 2011 ongoing
  • Adoption of a new revised Sustainability Policy for the Club - July 2011 - ongoing